Our parent company, Metrics Global, has delivered payment solutions to companies — empowering them to grow and expand throughout the globe — for more than 16 years.

Recently, founder Wendy Yurgo-Kinney was deeply troubled when she saw the attacks on US-based companies. Increasingly, businesses were losing their vital payment services unexpectedly due to their conservative or religious beliefs.

In response, we created Revere Payments with a laser focus to be the payments solution protecting U.S companies’ rights to do business.

With Revere Payments, we have the benefit of leveraging the extensive payment industry experience and robust, trusted technology of Metrics Global, with a team specifically dedicated to restoring the freedom to do business to organizations in the United States.

Like our famous namesake, we raise the call to band together against those who would jeopardize your business simply because they do not share your conservative beliefs.


  • We believe in your freedom to do business

  • Our team and platform have long-proven experience in the payments space.

  • One size does not fit all. We are consultative and collaborative with all our clients.

  • We do not work with fixed pricing limitations.

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