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Political Campaign Fundraising Payment Processing

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Are you running for office or handling the fundraising for an aspiring political candidate? Maybe you head up a political action committee or PAC. In that case you probably already know the importance of prominently featuring a “Donate Here” button on your website, advertising materials, and other social media platforms. But are you aware of how important it can be for you to accept credit cards and other forms of online payment?

Consumer spending habits – particularly when it comes to donations – have trended toward the demand for quickness and ease. Using a card or digital wallet is the preferred approach for most donors today. The ability to accept payments for campaign contributions is critical to your fundraising efforts.

Revere Payments provides the end-to-end payment processing solution you need to be successful in your election efforts. Our simple, secure, and affordable payment processing services for political causes help you meet or exceed your fundraising goals.

Political Party Payment Processing Challenges

Gone are the days when most donors wrote and presented a check as their preferred form of contribution. Today, when contributors are primarily working in the online space, they want to be able to speak with their dollars as quickly as possible, with minimal hassle. If you cannot offer potential donors the ability to snap off a donation in moments, you stand to lose precious contributions. Moreover, they want to use a credit or debit card in most cases. If they still prefer to use a checking account, the ability to donate using an electronic check or ACH payment is the baseline in expectations.

The ability to provide a “donate now” button on your website and in social media links is critical to reaching your target goals. However, once the prospective donor reaches the screen to make their donation, it’s important to provide a seamless, secure transaction environment and one where they’ll find the payment options they demand.

Another of the most important components of soliciting political contributions is gathering the federally required donor information during processing. Reporting this information is the only way to keep your fundraising efforts compliant with laws and regulations.

Collecting and processing this information for reporting can pose a challenge with many political payment processing platforms.

Finally, accessing contributions promptly  can present a significant challenge with many political donation payment processing platforms. Waiting for access to funds can quickly derail any candidate or PAC with big goals in mind.

Payment Processing Solutions for Political Donations

Many payment processing systems are not geared toward PACs and political candidates’ unique needs and challenges. You need a platform that will provide all the features you need at a cost that doesn’t cut so deeply into your donations.

The robust payment processing system provided by Revere Payments does everything you need it to do and more. You can accept credit or debit cards for online donations, e-checks, and ACH payments. We can also facilitate POS payment terminals for in-person fundraising events and brick-and-mortar campaign offices for those donors who prefer to pay with their card present.

We also provide you with the tools to collect, retain, and report required donor information while maintaining their personal and financial information in a truly secure, tokenized manner. In fact, our data security is truly best-in-class, fully PCI-compliant for your safety and peace of mind.

Choosing the Best Political Fundraising Credit Card Processing Services

At Revere Payments, we understand the challenges you face in your political efforts. Many traditional campaign fundraising credit card processing companies choose who they will work with based on politics and agendas. We are passionate in our belief that your rights supersede this type of cancel culture agenda. We will fight to help make your political efforts a success, no matter your position or stance. 

Contact us now to learn how we can help you achieve your fundraising goals with our political fundraising payment processing platform.

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