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We offer restaurants premium payment processing and full-service, restaurant point of sales solutions. They are easy to use, highly customizable, and always there for you with 24/7 U.S.-based customer service.

freedom to choose

Many POS systems can be reprogrammed by Revere Payments, providing for an easy way to ditch your payment processor. Contact us to see if we can reprogram. If not, we can often use your existing hardware. And if you just want a traditional credit card terminal or a virtual terminal in the back office that’s free from cancel culture? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile POS or
Integrated POS

Whether you need a straight forward mobile POS capable of emailing or printing receipts and a full back office suite, or a full-service solution operating off of PCs or tablets, we’ve got a solution to fit your needs. Contactless, EMV, tip and support for service industries and line-busting is available.


In addition to being able to reprogram many of the most popular restaurant systems, we offer a tablet system ideal for quick service or on the go. For complete restaurant management, we’ve partnered with fellow conservative organization, FoodTronix to bring you everything from pay at the table, to kitchen displays, delivery and even true pizza support.


We take your data security very seriously. We create solutions and choose partners who feel the same. Our products are PCI compliant from the gateway, to EMV devices integrated to your POS, to the payment pages integrating to your shopping cart.



Accept online payments anywhere, anyplace, anytime, regardless of your business model. Get started fast – like the midnight run fast!


Our platform readily enables one-time and recurring donations and easily integrates with SAAS partners to expedite the contributions that back America’s candidates and political action committees.


You are working for a cause bigger than yourself. We will come to work for you. We will make sure your organization is safe and protected to reach your goals.


Quickly implement and manage a robust, stable point of sale terminal solution that connects all payment data through a single platform.


Some American businesses are categorized as high risk because they do business in markets that have significant oversight. We understand this effort and support firearms manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and other heavily regulated industries.

We can’t wait to learn about your business.